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How to submit a merge request

Iron Bank Merge Request Process

The Iron Bank process requires every merge request to pass peer review from the Container Hardening Team before merge to development, and a final review by the Iron Bank Security team (Findings reviewer) before merge to master. Big Bang and Platform One core images must pass an additional review by an Authorizing Official.

The Iron Bank review process operates off of multiple Gitlab issue boards. To get your merge request into our backlog it must first be linked to an issue in your project, and that issue must be labled with Status::Review. The steps below will walk you through this process.

Creating a Merge Request

  • Navigate to your project
  • Click Merge Requests (left column in your project)
  • Click the blue "New merge request" button on the right
  • Select source branch (your feature branch) and target branch (development)
  • Click "Compare branches and continue."
  • The "New merge request" page will appear
  • Fill out the items on this page as described below:
  • Title: You can either keep the default here, or change this to something else if desired.
  • Description: Choose "Initializaiton" if this is the first MR in the project, otherwise choose "Update."
  • If you have an existing issue to link, in the comment field below the template text type # and a list of open issues in the project will appear. Choose the issue to which this MR should be linked.
  • Leave these fields blank: Assignees, Reviewers, and Milestone.
  • Leave "Merge request dependencies" blank.
  • Under Merge options, make sure "Delete source branch when merge request is accepted" is selected. You can select or not select "Squash commits when merge request is accepted."
  • Click "Create merge request" to create the MR.

Linking the new MR to an Issue

  • Navigate to your project
  • Click Issues (left column in your project)
  • Click the blue "New issue" button on the right
  • Add an appropriate Title
  • Type can remain the "Issue" default
  • In the Description field type ! and a list of open merge requests will appear. Choose the MR to which this issue should be linked.
  • Leave all other fields blank except "Labels"
  • This is where you can apply the Status::Review label
  • Click "Create issue"


Once your MR is linked to an issue, and the issue is labeled with Status::Review, the issue will be visible in our backlog for grooming. Once your ticket is picked up an Iron Bank engineer will review your merge request and either initiate the merge, or request that you make changes to your branch and/or justifications in VAT.