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VAT 2022.06.23

  • VAT BE: 1.9.36
  • VAT FE: 2.9.31
  • ROSIE: none

Environment Variable Updates:

  • VAT BE Config: none
  • VAT FE Config: none
  • Rosie Config: none
  • POST Install SQL Script runs: none

BLUF of release

  • Initial login and startup errors have been improved to be much more granular and descriptive. In some cases, they will give instructions on how to resolve the issues.
  • Users can now see VAT Import history for any given container by visiting the container logs and clicking on the second tab. There you will be able to see load date, digest, pipeline id, and git commit id.
  • Moved filter and sort buttons to the top right on the container page.

P1 API Breaking Changes

There will be more such changes in future releases to standardize values

IBFE endpoints were removed from p1 with this release.

Tickets Completed

ABC/ORA updates



  • IBVAT-1054: Remove duplicate IBFE code

BE Enhancements


FE/UI Enhancements

  • IBVAT-1078: (green star) Failure to authenticate should have more granular errors to show user.
  • IBVAT-1040: (green star) Provided a load history for each container on the container log popup.
  • IBVAT-984: (blue star) Update filter and sort buttons to be above layers on the container page.

Misc work (No user experience changes)

  • IBVAT-1086: Update import to accept and store git commit hash upon import. This value is expected to be used/displayed in the future.
  • IBVAT-1070: Refactor route controllers.
  • IBVAT-666: Refactor findings card to reduce complexity.
  • IBVAT-1079: Remove dependencies that are incompatible with react 18.
  • Added tooltip information to ABC details response to enable IBFE to show help tooltips.
  • IBVAT-1097: Auth updates to allow IBFE to pass user info to VAT to enable more integration of features.


  • IBVAT-1082: Re-implement ABC tolerance. (OBE - proposal was rejected in TAD)
  • IBVAT-288: Auto-Approve CVEs for the same package. (OBE - duplicate of previously completed work)
  • IBVAT-1034: (OBE - Duplicate of IBVAT-1077)
  • IBVAT-701: Add tooltips to FT markers. (OBE - duplicate of previously completed work)
  • IBVAT-753: (OBE - Duplicate of IBVAT-804)
  • IBVAT-824: (OBE - Duplicate)
  • IBVAT-528: Logs should show roles as CSV. (OBE)
  • IBVAT-878: Remove *.service.ts files/functions that are redundant wrappers. (OBE - decided against action)
  • IBVAT-529: Users should be able to have more than one workflow role. (OBE)