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End of Life and Archive Policy

End of Life

If a version of your project is no longer supported upstream, please mark it EoL (end of life) in VAT.

To do this, browse to your project in VAT and ensure that the master branch and the correct version are selected, then click on the project status menu on the upper right (it will probably currently be set to Active) and choose EoL. When this is done, that version of the project will show as EOL on the Iron Bank main page.


We will also EoL applications and containers that are EoL upstream or that haven't been contributed to in a long time and/or have gone stale. This process and criteria are described below.

All of the following conditions will make a container or application in Iron Bank be considered EoL automatically and we will invoke the archival process, without any further communication or permission.

  • Upstream application/version is no longer receiving support or has been deprecated, moved to a new project or otherwise considered EoL
  • Any container that has had no updates within 6 consecutive months
  • No consumers are using the container over the course of 6 consecutive months
  • Newly onboarded projects that have seen no activity for over 90 days will also be

Once a container has been identified as EoL a member of the container hardening team will make an issue ticket on Gitlab for that project. If there is no response the project will have an be archived after 60 days.


Iron Bank will periodically review projects to ensure that they are still being maintained. Once a project has a ticket opened to be EoL'd we will wait for 60 days to ensure the maintainers have a chance to respond. Once this time frame has elapsed we will archive the project in Gitlab.


Justifications are no longer required for projects that are archived or marked EOL.