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VAT 2022.08.18

  • VAT BE: 2.0.1
  • VAT FE: 2.9.40
  • ROSIE: none

BLUF of release

  • Based on user feedback, it wasn't clear how a vendor could request write access to an image, or that they needed to for that matter.
    • This update makes the "Request Container Access" button and it's purpose much more apparent for vendors. A lot.
  • Based on user feedback, it was not at all apparent that the "Status", "ABC", and "ORA" elements at the top of the image page could be clicked on to get a popup chock-full of important additional information.
    • This updates makes each of these elements clearly clickable button elements.
  • Based on user feedback, the On-boarding page for managing Pipeline Access Requests failed to easily identify the image name specified in the manifest.
    • Fixed Pipeline Access Requests to show the image name specified on the manifest.
    • Added a hyperlink and warning icon to the image name when the image already exists in VAT.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the ABC compliance on the catalog page from updating due to caching issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Conditionally Approved images to calculate as Verified when the expiration date was the current date.
  • Based on user feedback, VAT wouldn't run on Safari.
    • Updated the application to get around the fact that Safari doesn't support Regex lookback.
  • Fixed a bug on the finding logs page where the control to show full dates would cause the page to refresh.
  • Updated version of Bootstrap and resolved breaking changes.
  • Fixes for CSS styles across chrome and firefox to better align text, buttons, and icons.
  • Fixes for tag dropdown on Image Page where the content could be truncated.

P1 API Breaking Changes


There will be more such changes in future releases to standardize values

Tickets Completed

Ticket Description Type
IBVAT-1093 Bug: Return 4xx status code on bad api path BE, Import/Pipelines
IBVAT-1099 CSS creates issues where firefox and chrome produce different visual results UI/UX
IBVAT-1107 Bug: ABC compliance doesn't calculate expiration date like the rest of the app. UI/UX, IBFE, API/P1
IBVAT-1168 vat-frontend - Tags drop down does not display correctly for some containers. UI/UX
IBVAT-1184 Request Container Access button should be more apparent UI/UX
IBVAT-1190 Bug: vat-frontend - Finding logs -Enabling the Show Full dates refreshes the page UI/UX
IBVAT-1214 Onboarding container access requests needs VAT image value UI/UX
IBVAT-1221 Bug: broken tooltip locations due to bootstrap update UI/UX
IBVAT-1223 Resolve bootstrap 5.2 style issues UI/UX
IBVAT-1224 Bug: Fix VAT to run on Safari. Safari doesn't support Regex lookbehind. UI/UX
IBVAT-1225 Bug: Fix incorrect abc compliance status in container catalog UI/UX, IBFE, API/P1
IBVAT-1231 Need a way to clearly show that status elements in the image page are clickable. UI/UX

Misc Work: (No user experience changes):

  • IBVAT-922: Spike: Research alternatives for minikube
  • IBVAT-985: Frontend cleanup: Remove dead code and styles
  • IBVAT-1110: Spike: Fast dev startup
  • IBVAT-1187: Track user logins
  • IBVAT-1216: vat-backend - VAT-IBFE-ApI - /container-details endpoint failing schema validation
  • IBVAT-1229: Onboarding: Image Access Requests button is broken
  • Monthly dependency updates.