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VAT 2022.07.21

  • VAT BE: 1.9.39
  • VAT FE: 2.9.34
  • ROSIE: none

BLUF of release

  • Container Status Details in VAT.
  • The status on on an individual image in VAT can now be clicked to get details. This is particularly useful when the status has been downgraded due to ABC non-compliance.
  • A filter was added to VAT catalog page to allow filtering of images with the "Iron Bank" label.
  • Performance improvements on the P1 single container endpoint has been improved to reduce response time from ~15 sec to ~130 ms.
  • Container access logs have been augmented with more pipeline information.
  • Improved rendering speed of the Image Page with lazy loading of findings. This will require you to scroll to the bottom before getting reliable results using the browser build in search functionality.
  • Change to Image log to highlight the rows for the version of the image you visited the log from.

P1 API Breaking Changes



There will be more such changes in future releases to standardize values

Tickets Completed

ABC/ORA updates

  • IBVAT-1103: (green star) Downgraded container approvals need more visibility


  • IBVAT-1109, IBVAT-1058: P1 single container endpoint is slow

BE Enhancements:

  • IBVAT-1114: Update /api/ paths for istio redirect removal

FE/UI Enhancements:

  • IBVAT-1118: Add filter for Iron Bank label
  • IBVAT-829: Enhance pipeline/container access logs
  • IBVAT-1106: Improve Rendering Speed on Component heavy pages
  • IBVAT-1127: Highlight current containerLog records

Misc work (No user experience changes):

  • IBVAT-850: DB - Document basic joins and pitfalls
  • IBVAT-1156: Import needs both buildDate and scanDate
  • IBVAT-1089: Wrap up changes for e2e testing in staging
  • IBVAT-1146: Duplicate keywords cause import failure
  • IBVAT-1174: package_path is failing pipeline with 266 characters
  • IBVAT-1169: Resolve issues with importAuth.spec.ts and singleFileLoad.spec.ts in cypress tests
  • IBVAT-1164: Fix code that has noInject in backend
  • IBFE-490: As an IBFE developer, I want to store my favorites/subscription details in VAT
  • Switched to YARN for better resolution of conflict dependencies.